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West Monona’s Journey to Literacy Excellence Featured Photo

West Monona’s Journey to Literacy Excellence

West Monona Elementary was invited to present at the 2017 Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy Institute through the Jacobson Center, University of Northern Iowa (UNI), on June 28 by Dr. Salli Forbes.
1st Grade Learns About Habitats Featured Photo

1st Grade Learns About Habitats

Ms. Utman's 1st grade class has been learning about different habitats.  The students had to pick a habitat and then pick an animal to research that lives in that habitat.  They created habitats in a box at home and brought them to school.  They then gave presentations to their peers and different classes.  We learned many new and interesting things from all the different presentations.
Annual 5th Grade Wax Museum Featured Photo

Annual 5th Grade Wax Museum

From Babe Ruth to John Deere the annual 5th grade Wax Museum and Science Project Display didn't disappoint. Leading up to "display day" students were busy researching and writing a biography about their American Hero. The day of the museum, May 4, 2017, students dressed as their hero and had some artifacts on display that told about what their hero was famous for. As visitors went around the gym, students gave a short speech about their character.