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News & Announcements

West Monona Elementary wins prestigious award!!

Ms. Comes, At-risk teacher and Tier 2 & 3 internal coach along with Jessica Fox, Special Education and Tier 3 internal coach, presented at the 13th annual PBIS forum in Sioux City. They showed off all of the success our elementary school has had implementing and sustaining the PBIS system. They also received a prestigious award, which will be featured in the local paper very soon. Congratulations to West Monona Elementary staff and students for all of your hard work.
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The MS and HS Music Department annual spring "POPS" Concert has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 28th, starting at 7:00 p.m. It is free to the public to attend.
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Break Out EDU

The Second-grade classes got to participate in a Break Out EDU session with Mrs. Brewer this afternoon. They had to work together as a team to solve problems to get the clues they needed to open their locked boxes. There were things like patterns, directions, numbers, and rhyming to name a few! The students really enjoyed this session and Mrs. Brewer had a snack for them in the locked boxes as well. They can't wait to try it again!
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Healthy Smart Kids

Today was the last week of our 4-week challenge for Healthy Smart Kids. The students worked hard to learn that they need five fruits and veggies every day, two hours or less of screen time, one hour of exercise daily, and zero sugary drinks to make you big and strong. Today was the student's party for working so hard for four weeks. The 2nd graders had to memorize a tray of food and see if they could remember all seven items when the tray was taken away, they had a relay race and got a healthy snack when they were finished. Addy and Maverick were our big winners with the most points. They won a soccer ball. Great job second grade for all your hard work.
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Alternate driving route to Elementary due to flooding

We are recommending that ALL vehicles drop students at the HS by 8:50 to be taken by bus to the elementary. If you have a high profile vehicle, you can take the following route.

Cameo to 7th. 7th to Emerald. Emerald to 2nd. 2nd to Jasper. Jasper to the Magic Depot entrance, then leave via 4th to Emerald.

You can also take Iowa Ave to 6th. 6th to Emerald. Emerald to 2nd. 2nd to Jasper. Jasper to the Magic Depot entrance, then leave via 4th to Emerald.

Details for afternoon pickup will be sent out today.
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Cookies and Conversation

Join the Superintendent for cookies and conversation during parent-teacher conferences this week!

Tuesday, February 26th: Elementary Commons from 5-8 pm
Thursday, February 28th: High School Commons from 5-8 pm
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Middle School Students of the Week

Nevaeh Nelson (6th grade), Trever Barclay(7th Grade), and Trenten Gray (8th grade) were the students that were drawn as the students of the week for this week. These students showed that they were Positive, Respectful, Involved, Determined, and Excellent. Please congratulate them when you see them this week.
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