West Monona Community School

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Preparing our children for the world in which they will live.


The West Monona Community School Board will:
  • Support actions required in sustaining the continued process to exceed student achievement trend line data mandates through staff development.
  • Continue standards-based assessments for students and district academic programs.
  • Increase communication to the public of school activities, in-service development, and standardized testing results.
  • Assess and report the current status of district facilities, finances, professional development, technology, human resources, and transportation.
Chris Kennedy - chris.kennedy@westmonona.org
Allen Carrier - allen.carrier@westmonona.org
Geri Johnson - geri.johnson@westmonona.org
Josh Lander - josh.lander@westmonona.org
Bart Heisterkamp - bart.heisterkamp@westmonona.org 
The object is to provide the educational climate and curriculum necessary to allow each student to achieve his/her fullest potential. Through a partnership of students, school staff, parents, and the community, our goal is to produce graduates, who recognize their self-worth, are effective communicators, critical thinkers, effective problem solvers, and have the abilities and knowledge to be productive citizens.