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West Monona HS Student Recognitions (large post)
West Monona HS Student Recognitions (large post)
Heather Nelson
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

West Monona HS Students of January

Ms. Brockman - Brady Wiggs - I nominated Brady because he has really stepped up over the last couple of months in the musical. He has come to practices when he has not had another activity conflict, he has learned his lines, and he has totally jumped into his character and brought the musical to life. Not only that, but he is a leader for our younger cast members and even helps them during a scene if need be. He is a great addition to the cast!

Mr. DeRocher - Sendeska Kalskett - Sendeska performs at a pretty high level on tests and does a good job at the board in the classroom. It is also my understanding that he is a fairly decent wrestler.

Mr. Donnelly - Jaysa Ehlert - Jaysa understands deadlines, and she works independently online.  She knows what is required and acts accordingly. I enjoy having her in my class.

Mrs. Doorenbos - Tucker Harl -  Tucker is an excellent role model for all geometry students. He works well with others and is prepared for class. When he was sick he brought in his missing work in a timely fashion and got caught up quickly. I appreciate his work ethic! 

Mrs. Fox-O’Reilly - Averie Debartolo - Averie works bell to bell in class, always on task and focused. I have never witnessed her off task or distracted. She embraces the challenge of each assignment as an opportunity to learn and grow artistically. Averie leads by example and graciously helps others in sharing the same creative journey.

Mr. Groves - Kodiak Nelson - Kodiak has earned this honor because of an outstanding work ethic. Quality work on a challenging project and his willingness to help others whenever they need it.

Mrs. Mann - Peter Alexander - Peter is a great person!  He is kind, works very hard in class and in the lab.

Mr. Moore - Madison Chesnut - Madison is an excellent student who achieves at a high level in the classroom.  She is also very responsible. I know if I give her a task as a wrestling manager it will be completed. Madison’s knowledge of wrestling and trackwrestling’s scoring system is also recognized by other schools. She is frequently complimented and asked for help. 

Mr. Pash - Brandon Erlandson - Brandon always comes to class on time and always has a positive attitude. He displays great character when it comes to sportsmanship with fellow students. 

Mr. Pitt - Sam Coleman - Sam is a good student who stays on task, answers questions and completes work on time.  He has a great sense of humor and brightens up the classroom with his good attitude.

Mr. Potter- Laura Heisterkamp - Laura is an all-around excellent student.  She does top-notch work and it is always completed and turned in on time. She is very involved in class in a positive way during every class period.  Her attitude is great and she strives for greatness. 

Ms. Rewinkel - Janie Koenig - Janie is a ray of sunshine in my day at two different times. She has a contagious smile, always upbeat and willing to dive in and help with all activities. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class! Thank you for having a positive sense of humor, being willing to play with worms (even though she dislikes them), and for being just as excited as I am while watching your plants grow!

Ms. Shaw - Zackary Scheonherr - Zackary has shown a strong dedication to the band program and works hard every day in class. He may be quiet, but he is always one of the first ones to jump in and help when asked. It is a pleasure to have Zackary in class every day. 

Mr. Stegge - William Gibson - William has shown quiet leadership this year.  He is independent and wants to do the right thing. Exhibiting this behavior influences those students around him to contribute to a positive classroom environment that helps with the success of all students in the classroom.  Personally, he has challenged himself to do his best work in class as well which has enhanced his learning.

Ms. Stump - Madison Mohr - Madison is the kind of student who can really make a teacher’s day. Her presence alone brings positivity to the classroom due to her kindness, respect, and eagerness to learn. Although she misses class once in a while, Madison is always responsible in checking in with me and making up any assignments promptly. She is extremely personable overall, and her positive contributions and attentiveness make her a delight to have in class. 

Ms. Trout - Brennan Sidwell - This student works diligently in every class on every assignment and puts in the effort to learn new and challenging material.  This student has a quiet demeanor, is pleasant to be around, nice to everyone, and is also respectful. This student comes to class every day with a positive attitude.

Ms. Wedeking - Madison Carson - Madison has started this semester on a very positive note. She has taken more responsibility for her school work by asking for help when needed and making sure it’s turned in on time. I appreciate her improved attitude in the classroom.

Mr. Zeleny - Jae Pettid - works super hard, tries super hard, and turns in exceptional work!  She is always one I can count on to have her work done and completed often BEFORE the duedate. She is a joy to have in class, she is always quick with a “hey” and a smile after telling her “good morning” and just a good person.

West Monona HS Students of December

Mr. Groves for Nicole Kuhlman - Nicole has earned this honor because of an outstanding work ethic and quality work on challenging projects  

Ms. Shaw for Nedelle Smartt - Nedelle has shown great improvement in her playing this year. She comes in for extra practice and is always eager to work on improving her playing. She is a great example of showing how hard work and determination can bring success.

Mr. Pash for Trey Yanak - Trey continues to progress in his physical skills in gym class. With the help of other students, Trey is able to complete PT’s with great success. Trey has mastered most of the rules to all the activities he participates in. Trey also is the only one better at pitching than myself!

Mrs. Doorenbos for Julia Jenson - Julia does a great job of contributing to classroom conversations and asking questions that require the whole class to think on a deeper level. She is also a great group member no matter who is in her group. I appreciate her positive attitude and smile in math class each and every day!

Ms. Stump for Jada Abbott - Jada has an aptitude for learning a language that is impressive, yet she maintains a poise of humility in the classroom. For example, during pair work, I’ve often observed her helping classmates in a productive manner through thorough explanations rather than simple answers. It’s said that a person knows a concept well when he or she can teach that concept to someone else, and Jada has proved that time and time again. Her hard work and effort are definitely noticed as well as greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Fox-O’Reilly for Chevelle Spaulding - Chevelle works above and beyond the requirements of each assignment, to challenge herself and learn from experimentation. She is not afraid to make mistakes and push her creativity beyond comfortable limits. Thank you, Chevelle, for all of the extra time and effort you put forth to achieve and explore in the fine arts!

Ms. Rewinkel for Connor Terry - Connor is simply a great person! He is kind, smiles all the time, works very hard, asks questions and always seems to get my movie references while never actually having seen the movie. He is an excellent example of Spartan Pride. I have no doubt that with his work ethic and easy-going personality he will achieve his goals & dreams in life. Congratulations, Connor! Keep up the hard work, it is not going unnoticed.

Ms. Brockman for Ava Stangel - I am nominating Ava because I can always count on her to get her work done in class, be present at her lessons, and work hard during rehearsals. Every time I look up from the piano she is following along in her music and actively participating. When I gave the class their semester project, she and her partner jumped right in and used every minute I gave in class to work on their project, and it was excellent. Ava also has a very positive attitude in class and has a lot to contribute. 

Ms. Wedeking for Treyton Baldwin - Treyton comes to class ready to work hard each day. He uses his class time wisely and completes all of his work on time. He earned a 100% on his semester test, proving that his hard work has paid off. Treyton is a positive influence on his peers in the classroom.

Mr. Stegge for Abby Wessel - Abby is always involved in classroom activities ranging from class discussion to group participation.  Her involvement enhances and pushes other students to do their best as well. She isn’t afraid to answer class questions or ask for help when necessary.  Being able to try these things that may feel uncomfortable to many of her peers. She is demonstrating leadership skills that will lead to much success in her future.

Mr. PItt for Landon Blatchford -  Landon has a winning attitude about class and he has evolved as a student with excellent social skills.  His positive attitude has improved our learning environment.

Ms. Trout for Olivia Funkhouser - This student has taken four different classes of mine this year.  I am lucky to have the opportunity to get to know her and make an impact on her learning through business education.  She is kind and generous. Works hard whether she is present or absent. Her homework is always done and/or caught up in a timely manner.  She will help a fellow student, she is competitive and loves to play cards. Her laugh is contagious. And I feel blessed to have had the chance to get to know her during her senior year!

Mr. Donnelly for Alyssa Bryan - Alyssa is a leader by example.  She comes to class and goes to work without intervention. She has a good attitude every day.  I enjoy having her in my class.

Mr. DeRocher for Jaleigha Herman - Jaleigha performed at a very high level on the semester test and ended up with the second highest score on the Algebra 2 semester test by one percentage point. In addition to this, Jaleigha is doubling up by taking Geometry and Algebra 2 this year so that she can have the opportunity to take Calculus her Senior year. She has an excellent work ethic.

Mrs. Mann for Lilly Haptonstall - Lilly enters my room every day with a smile and always says good morning.  Lilly works above and beyond on the work she does in class.

Mr. Moore for Eric Edris - Eric Edris is a great government student.  I can always count on him having his homework completed. He will watch CNN 10 even when we don’t have school to up to date on what's going on in our country.   He is also a great citizen and community member. He takes pride in keeping people safe by updating them on the weather and road conditions.  

Mr. Potter for Eli Murray - Eli has been a consistently excellent student in my class and all of his classes.  He manages to show up to the weight room before 6:30 am on four days a week year-round.  He works extremely hard from the time he gets to school until the end of the school day. He also has a job outside of school.  Eli does all of this with a smile on his face. His work is consistently top-notch. This year he has really improved with involvement in class.  He is an active listener and shares pertinent information in class discussions. Eli Murray deserves to be respected and admired.

Mr. Zeleny for Brianna Donahue - She is a diligent worker who takes her work above and beyond expectations.  She turns her work in on time with a high level of quality and effort. She works well with others and adds to a positive academic environment.  She is also very positive, and is always quick with a “hello”, or “what’s up!”

Other recognitions:

Keagan Gosch and Tayah Struble were both recognized for Regional Scholastic Art Awards.

Enya Martinez received recognition for FFCLA leadership from Mrs. Mann.