Welcome to West Monona Schools in Onawa, IA. We support student-centered classrooms and believe students should be actively engaged in their learning. We are proponents of providing a variety of experiences to our students, so they can learn by doing. We believe that student reflection on their experiences is the key to their academic growth. We strive to develop a growth mindset within our students because we believe academic growth can be improved through effort. We are also committed to providing our students with opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities enhance students' academic experiences. Furthermore, we believe in focusing on the whole child by providing students with personalized learning to meet their individual needs. We believe our experience-based approach is the best way to prepare our students for the world in which they will live.

Tim Chesnut

West Monona MS/HS Principal
1314 15th Street
Onawa, IA 51040