• Mrs. Faith (HS) Collin Wiggs

    • My student of the month has turned over a new leaf over the last year. He has shown a tremendous amount of growth both academically and in his work ethic. He used to be the student in Biology class that would expel more energy and time avoiding doing his work and didn’t ever believe he was ‘smart enough’. He has grown leaps and bounds in his confidence in himself and his work ethic. He now is the young man that takes his work head-on with zero complaints. He approaches all obstacles set before him in the classroom with a ‘challenge accepted’ mentality. He is able to do this because he asks questions for clarification and is not afraid to ask for help when he gets stuck. He makes a point to work ahead on his work and makeup missed work during WIN time. It has been a pleasure watching him grow over the last year to become the young man I have always believed him to be.

  • Mrs. Nelson (MS) Brianna De Kok

Sometimes it is hard for kids to adjust to middle school procedures, requirements, changing of classes, having HS teachers, and the hormones.  Generally, the drive to “do better” doesn’t hit until HS when credits matter.  There are the students that always do good, students that maintain average, and students that don’t mind the lower grades.  However, over the past two years, I have never seen a drive to “do better” than I have this year.  I taught this person in the 7th grade also and the attitude in science was poor and non-caring.  This year her attitude in science is I am going to try.  I am going to fix my mistakes.  I am going to get this grade up.  I am going to do what I can to KEEP this grade up.  I have seen the light bulb go ON with this student this year.  I hope that the light bulb stays on in high school because the only one that can make you successful is you and your attitude!  So this year my choice for February student of the month is Brianna De Kok. 

  • Mr. Kuhl (HS)   Micah Farrens

    • My Choice for the student of the month has shown all the character traits we would like to have in our students.  He has shown great leadership skills, looked out for younger students and athletes’ needs, and excelled in all things he attempts.  He has branched out into many areas in community service and is a super positive person whose work ethic is outstanding.  Good luck to him in his military endeavor upon graduation as well as good luck the rest of his senior year.  It is my pleasure to announce Micah Farrens as my student of the month.

  • Mr. Christensen (MS) Brynn Bellis

    • I am a firm believer that attitude is everything. A person can either make or break their day just with attitude and effort, and I feel like this student makes each day count with theirs. Every time she steps into the classroom, she does it with a smile on her face, a “Good morning Mr. C”, and a positive attitude that's hard not to be on board with. This person is an excellent student in the classroom, always putting forth her best effort in everything she does. That is why my choice for student of the month is Brynn Bellis.