• Mr. DeRocher

    • If someone dropped some money on the floor and did not know it a lot of people would just pick it up and shove it into their pocket. When this actually happened in my room my student of the month immediately chose to turn it in to me to make sure that it was returned back to the person who lost it. Braytton Sidwell is my choice for student of the month for showing the character to do what is right. Not everyone would have done that.

  • Mr. Donnelly

    • Neveah Levering is recognized as “Student of the Month” for her quiet spirit, determined purpose and the responsibility showcased by her school work.

  • Ms. Brockman

    • Brooke Sidwell is one of my choir seniors and also comes to help me out at the elementary every day for her work study program. She is very respectful, turns in completed and well done classwork, and has attended many of the national anthem performances, even though they are not all required. She is an excellent leader and is a pleasure to have in class. 

  • Ms. Butler

    • I chose Annemarie Bosanek for my student of the month.  Annemarie has a positive attitude towards her studies.  She has a strong sense of responsibility and strives to do her best in class.   She is a very polite, cheerful and pleasant student to have in the classroom.  She is always so kind to her classmates and is willing to help others if they need it.  Annemarie grasps at every opportunity to learn and is a self-motivated student.  She is a joy to have in my classroom!