WEST MONONA HS/MS Students of October


  • Ms. Doorenbos

    • I nominate Micah Farrens as my student of the month because of his superior work ethic! Micah does a great job of participating in class no matter what activity we are doing. He doesn’t just do the math to get it done. Instead, he will ask questions to clarify his learning and his understanding of the content shows in the level of work that he turns in each day. All around Micah is a positive role model for other students!  

  • Mrs. Fox O’Reilly

    • JJ Shuck 

    • Kindness and the willingness to help others is one of the greatest attributes of JJ Shuck. He is genuine in his concern for welcoming others to our school and classroom activities. JJ will go out of his way to volunteer to help others clean up after a paint accident, or to tidy work areas quickly as the bell rings for the end of class. JJ, thank you for showing kindness and respect to your classmates!


  • Ms. Donahue

    • For the month of October I would like to nominate Maurice Morris (8th grade).  Maurice has shown determination at succeeding in school. Through perseverance and dedication he is exhibiting improvement in his classroom endeavors this year. He is a respectful and responsible student who is a great asset to the classroom.

  • Mr. Doorenbos

    • My choice is Benjamin Monahan.  He is an exemplary student in my class, he is always willing to answer questions and offer opinions on tough subject matter.  He is also very willing to help others in need.