December SOM


  • Mrs. Mann

    • The student who I would like to honor this month is Emma Pitt.  I have given Emma some very challenging assignments and she has worked very hard and accomplished so much while in my class.  I am so impressed with her work ethic and the drive she has to complete complicated tasks.

  • Mr. Moore

    • Eli Murray:  He is a leader both academically and athletically. Eli is a member of The National Honor Society and a three-sport athlete.   He treats everyone from teachers to freshmen with respect, & does what he can to help West Monona.  

  • Ms. Hemingson

    • Isabella Riley deserves to be nominated for December Student of the Month as she took it upon herself to organize a cleanup of the 8th-hour study hall which is held in the multi-purpose middle school art room.  She swept the entire floor and used the wet mop on the area which was quite dusty from the students' clay projects.  She also disinfected all of the tables.  She was able to get some of the other study hall students to assist her with these tasks.  This was a very admirable thing to do and not something that most students would want to do.

  • Ms. Holiday

    • Gracie Fox

    • Gracie showed great progress in 1st semester. She worked hard and was successful in her classes. She also works hard to display the PRIDE behaviors every day. Keep up the good work!!