West Monona February Students of the Month


  • Mrs. Maassen

    • Sonrie Mohr: Sonrie has made a lot of progress this quarter. She comes to class ready to work and always has the best attitude. Sonrie is a great leader and is always willing to go the extra mile. Keep up the great work, Sonrie!

  • Mrs. Nelson

    •  I have had the pleasure of teaching Noah for almost two years in my middle school science class.  He comes in every day with a positive attitude about the activities, and I have never heard or seen him with a negative attitude.  He is very willing to help others during collaboration, laboratory stations and has adopted a growth mindset to figure things out on his own before asking for my help.  I believe that Noah will be a positive influence on anyone that encounters him throughout his entire life, and I wish him great success.

  • Ms. Rewinkel 

    • I picked Reid Warner for my Student of the Month. Reid has shown great leadership, kindness, and patience in Chemistry. He is always willing to work with new and different people with zero complaints or hesitancy. He does an excellent job of explaining questions and problems to classmates. He understands that they need to know how to do it, not just have the right answer. He continues to demonstrate great Spartan PRIDE characteristics every day in class. Keep up the great work Reid, it is not going unnoticed!

  • Mr. Potter

    • Abagail Wessel - Abby is one of the best all-around students I teach.  She not only does well on every kind of assignment or test I give, but she is also very involved in class in a positive way.  She's an active listener that will ask and answer questions every day.  Abby comes to class every day ready to learn and have fun.  She makes teaching fun and helps make school more enjoyable for everyone.