September Student of the Month Awards for West Monona CSD

Left to Right: Craig Donnelly, Gracie Reicks, Eein McKinley, Larry DeRocher, Mallory DeRocher, Bridgette Hupke, Noak Walker, and Amber Brockman.

  • Mr. DeRocher

    • Eein is my choice for several reasons. I was looking at our PRIDE matrix and you can start with P and being Positive. I have never heard him express anything negative or derogatory against anyone. He is soft-spoken and Respectful toward everyone that I have seen him deal with. He is always  Involved in our class discussions, in athletics as a valuable member on a cross country team that has won meets for the first time since the year 2000 and is attempting to put together a competitive math team that will enter some math bee type stuff at a very high level. His Determination in class to do way more than is required and to tackle the very difficult proofs is impressive. Finally, the Excellence that he displays when doing the daily work that we do in class is as good as anyone I have had the pleasure of teaching.

  • Mr. Donnelly

    • Gracie Reicks 

    • She is a sometimes quiet girl, who can easily go unnoticed.  But those paying attention will experience her kindness, willingness to work hard, and her daily practice of treating others with respect.  She is involved in the classroom and always has her work done on time.  She can be counted on to be a positive influence on others and is a pleasure to have in class.  We can’t wait to see what great things the future holds for her.  West Monona High School proudly presents Gracie Reicks as our September “Student of the Month”.

  • Ms. Brockman

    • My student of the month is Noah Walker.

    • Noah came in brand new to the choir world this year, which is not an easy thing to do as a freshman in high school, and he has tackled every task with a positive attitude. He has attended all of his lessons so far this semester, participates fully in class, and he brings a positive light to the group. He is a great addition to the high school choir. 

  • Ms. DeRocher

Being positive, helpful, cooperative, and friendly are all the traits of a good student, and my Spartan of the Month does all of these things daily.  Students of this kind become great team players and leaders throughout their school years and in adulthood.  My Spartan of the Month goes out of her way to be kind to others, including me and continuously helps her peers in and out of the classroom.  She can work in a group with anyone, motivates others, and yields productive output on any task that is put in front of her.  She enjoys learning and holds herself to high standards in school which shows in her everyday accomplishments.  For these reasons, Bridgette Hupke is my choice for Spartan of the Month!