• Ms. Doorenbos-

    • Emily Sanford 

      • This student is always willing to participate in class. She is one of the first to raise her hand and respectfully offer her opinion. This allows the other students in the class to feel comfortable sharing their ideas as well. Often our assignments consist of journaling about the different social skills and situations that we have learned about. Her journal entries are always very insightful. In our last journal entry, she spoke about understanding the importance of the word “yet.” When you encounter tough situations it's important to say I am not there “yet” but if I keep working hard I will get there. To the student that knows that learning is a journey and if you wear your “yet” hat you will get there eventually...Congratulations Emily!

  • Mrs. Fox O’Reilly-

(My student of the month is Landon Blatchford)

This student is honest in his communications and actions. He is reliable as his word matches what he says he will do, and he does it. He treats others with respect and is accepting of differences. He is personally accountable for his education, actions, and attitude. He is open-minded and listens to others. He is kind and steps in to help others in need. I’ve chosen Landon Blatchford as my student of the month because of his determination and respectful behavior.

  • Mr. Breja

    • Ciana Johnson

      • The student I have chosen truly exemplifies what it means to be a Spartan. This student is quiet at times, but she leads by the example she sets forth for her classmates. She demonstrates all five aspects of PRIDE on a daily basis and is always very friendly and respectful to her peers and myself. Finally, she is a very driven and motivated student. In my class, I talk about giving your best effort, meaning that even on days where we are not at 100 percent, we are giving all we can. I never have had to worry about this student giving her best effort. My middle-schoolers know about the vocab game we play. This student went above and beyond and was actually beating me at the vocab game and was at a higher level than me for a while, which really meant I had to step up my game. Please give a hearty round of applause for my student of the month, Ciana Johnson!

  • Mr. Doorenbos

    • Jason Stewart

      • This student is one of the kindest and hard working students that I have come across in my years of teaching.  He is always respectful and willing to help others.  He has a positive attitude for every activity or task in class.  I have chosen Jason because of his positivity and determination.