• Mr. Gustafson

    • Brynn Bellis- I am in the unique position of having almost every 6th grade through sophomore and a number of juniors and seniors. I took our pride matrix and started making a list of students who fit the criteria. It was a difficult choice because there were so many good choices. The student I picked exemplifies PRIDE. They are respectful to their teammates and the other team. It's easy to give your best effort when you like something but, they give their best effort regardless of whether they like the activity or not. Her commitment to excellence will make her successful in anything she chooses to do.

  • Mr. Pitt

    • Allison Darwin

    • I am nominating Allison Darwin for the January student of the month.  Every day Allison demonstrates a positive attitude in class.  She has a great sense of humor while also understanding when it is time to engage herself in the classroom learning environment.  It is easy to see that she enjoys learning and gaining knowledge on a wide range of topics from Shakespeare to grammar.  We are lucky to have Allison in English 10.

  • Mrs. Johnson

  • Chloe Broer - Motivated. Positive. Focused. These are words that come to mind when I think of Chloe. She has been doing research for her Passion Project and has been focused from the beginning. She is willing to learn and apply those lessons to her project and is willing to put in work outside of class as well. Her positive attitude helps set and keep a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.

  • Mrs. Kuhl

    • Addison Potter - It has been my pleasure to have watched my student of the month grow as a student and an individual.  If she doesn’t understand something, she asks questions.  This may sound simple, but in front of peers, it might not be.  Addison Potter is willing to work with others, self-advocated, strives for excellence, and is involved both in and out of the classroom.  She is a person of quality and that says a lot for her future.  I know we are proud to have Addison represent West Monona.