• Mrs. Lacey (HS)

    • Rylan Johnson

As the West Monona High School Geometry teacher, I have noticed that Rylan Johnson stands out academically in Geometry.  I can ask the class to come up with ideas on how to complete geometric constructions and Rylan will be the first student to come up with an idea.  He is eager to share his ideas with the class and motivated to attempt new problems.  I always see Rylan with a smile and a positive attitude in class and in his everyday relationships with staff and peers.  Rylan represents the attributes of PRIDE - Positive, Respectful, Involved, Determined, and Excellence - which is why I am nominating him for the student of the month.

  • Mrs. Christensen (HS)

    • Laura Heisterkamp

In all my years of experience in the fields of education, athletics, and service, some individuals stand out for their excellence and Laura is one of those people. She is well-known for a multitude of great qualities including her incredibly strong work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, character, leadership, and diligence. She is well-respected throughout the school and community as a positive role model to her peers. She is intrinsically motivated, self-disciplined, and possesses a strong willingness to learn. Through her actions and successes, she continually proves that she is a positive, motivated leader with amazing potential. As I look at our PRIDE Matrix, Laura excels in each of these five categories. She is an involved and proud leader of the WMHS band and is a member of FCCLA and the National Honor Society. Laura continues to take upper-level classes her senior year, including my Calculus class, despite not necessarily need those credits. She knows that those classes will continue to push her and shape her into a well-rounded individual. She is determined to do well in her classes and excels in all she does. In summation, due to her great attitude, dedication, and her modeling of the utmost character, Laura Heisterkamp is my choice for Student of the Month.                                   

  • Ms. DeRocher (MS)

    • Asher Moore

    •               Although the year has just started, I have noticed my Spartan being positive, helpful, cooperative, and friendly.  He represents every part of our PRIDE acronym. He goes out of his way to be kind to others, including me. He can hold a great conversation and puts a smile on my face daily. He can work in a group with anyone, participates in whole group discussions, is always kind to others, and never gives up on any task given to him.  He enjoys learning and gives his all. He is proud to be a Spartan.  So with PRIDE, I choose Asher Moore for Spartan of the Month! 

  • Mrs. Zima (MS)

    • Hannah Griffith has shown grit and determination over the past two years in art class when it comes to ceramics.  She has dedicated herself to bettering her skills and her craftsmanship has improved and elevated her work among students her age and older.  She is also willing to involve herself and help others with the potter’s wheel.  Because of her pride and efforts, she is gaining impressive practical skills and understanding that I hope she continues to hone throughout her schooling and maybe even into adulthood.