Here is West Monona's October Student of the Month!


  • Mrs. Doorenbos (MS/HS)

    • Keagan Wiggs

    • My student of the month has shown the leadership skills he has been developing throughout his time in school. I remember in 6th grade he was always full of energy and had such a positive attitude. Now as an 8th grader he is using that energy and attitude to lead his peers at school. When I am subbing in a classroom he is one of the first students to volunteer to answer my questions about classroom procedures and help the class stay on track even in the absence of the assigned teacher. He also has a growth mindset in that he is willing to answer tough questions in class. He understands that learning is a process and his willingness to attempt problems helps spark conversation throughout the entire class. I am excited to see how this young man continues to learn and grow throughout high school. I look forward to seeing the positive impact he will surely continue to have at West Monona! Congratulations to Keagan Wiggs!

  • Mrs. Fox O’Reilly (HS) 

    • Maurice Morris

    • My student of the month demonstrates his POSITIVE attitude by looking at every art assignment as a challenge to learn and develop skills. He shows RESPECT to others through his kindness, willingness to help, and altruistic nature.  Working beyond the lab times in class, he is INVOLVED by voluntarily continuing on his projects during WIN time, in seminars, and at home. DETERMINED to learn more and polish his skills, he is coachable and accepting of constructive criticism. Through his craftsmanship and dedication to high achievement, he has achieved EXCELLENCE on all assignments. Thank you Maurice Morris, for your dedication to the Visual Arts!

  • Mr. Doorenbos (HS)

    • Chase Lander

    • My student has a positive impact on all students he comes in contact with.  He is always respectful to other students and teachers.  He is involved in class by participating in class discussions as well as being involved in four sports.  He shows determination by accepting difficult tasks and working to get better each and every day.  Finally, he shows excellence in everything he does because of his attitude and willingness to learn and get better.  I am extremely proud of this student and look forward to seeing him continually grow in all aspects of school. Thank you Chase Lander for your leadership and dedication!